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You dont need to send accesstoken > facebook->getAccessToken(), The Second option is to do as.message > Posting with the PHP SDK! )) NOTE: publishstream scope must be send while doing the login. There are two solutions to get rig of this. Use the userid instead of /me. Set the access-token prior sending the api call. For the first you can make the call as. AccessToken for the Facebook SDK for PHP. Requests to the Graph API need to have an access token sent with them to identify the app, user and/or page that is making the request. Facebook SDK 4.0 using app access token to publishactions - permission missing when querying userid/permissions. PHP auto post on facebook page.longsession longLivedAccessToken accessToken -> extend( ) Facebook PHP SDK v4: Access Tokens from Facebook Login (manual redirect). If using the Facebook PHP SDK v4, you can get access tokens with the following Im using the Facebook PHP SDK to call relevant APIs to post and get data. At present Im saving a user access token in the database but it expires after 60 days. you have to use Facebook PHP SDK (line 4).STEP 4 - Check your Access Token. Facebook Access Tokens will expire in about an hour. Access Token obtained with the above procedure are long-lived Access Tokens and will expire after two months (60 days). I have am using FBs Javascript SDK on the client and PHP SDK on the server.

I can see when I use getSignedRequest() I get the signed request containing the code property and the correct userId. However for the life in me I cant figure out how to go on to use this signedRequest to obtain a valid Finally heres the video about how you can store user access token in the database and then use that even when user is offline. We get access token which is My php code returns USER ACCESS TOKEN instead of PAGE ACCESS TOKEN.Im not a seasoned developer so Im struggling to translate the Facebook PHP SDK docs app security section into actual files and code. I have a project Im working on where I want to use the Facebook PHP SDK v5 to post data to a Facebook page but Im having trouble making an ajax call to my Facebook script.If facebook.php cant obtain an access token it calls Dont worry about the User Access Token, Mar 1, 2013 Its always tricky to post on the wall of the FB Page. In this article Ill show you how to get started using the Facebook PHP SDK. echo Graph returned an error Im using the latest facebook PHP SDK (v.2.1.2). It seems to work but when i logout I receive this exception[message] > Error validating access token: The session is invalid because the user logged out or because auth.expireSession was invoked. ) ) Whenever you use the PHP SDK to obtain an access token, the access token will be returned as an instance of AccessToken. The AccessToken entity contains a number of methods that make it easier to handle access tokens.

Facebook PHP SDK v5: Debug Access Token - Part 33. Finally many viewers of the playlist " Facebook PHP SDK v5" asked that how to debug access token using Facebook Graph API and PHP SDK for Facebook Facebook SDK for JavaScript WordPress Header. khalidity/Generating Session Parameters from Facebook Access Token( PHP). define(APPSECRET,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) function generateSessionVars( accessToken) . Right now, Im getting the access token using the iPhone Facebook SDK. This returns me a standard access token.I am trying to fetch user data from facebook using facebook PHP SDK. (I am developing the site in codeigniter). This throws An active access token must be used to query information about the current user. error and asks for login.Facebook graph API and post-remove callback with the new Graph SDKs (PHP). Get Facebook fan page ID. useful links: the facebook php sdk facebook developers facebook developer docs issue with facebook php sdk and localhost cookies error validating access token setting return url authentication permissions using offline access token examples with the facebook Graph API. Just one more thing, to get long-lived access token using PHP SDK you should call facebook->setExtendedAccessToken() before facebook->getAccessToken() Access tokens are needed to make calls on facebook graph api. Before that user has to allow offline access permissions to your app.Also you may check out my previous post where I shared simple example of facebook iframe app with new php-sdk API. That would be good starting point if Home. Internet Technology facebook php sdk v5 get Access Token.I want to get the user data of facebook. Im using a this example : Error validating access token: The session is invalid because the user logged out or because auth.expireSession was invoked. ) ) 2. PHP Script - That takes the access token and gets the response. getAccessToken() try opening my app with different facebook accounts I get same token. Facebook Access Token will help Facebooks developer and Facebooks user can get their token. You can use this token to develop theFacebook Graph API(v2.11) in PHP from localhost Create app on Facebook Configure create app Download PHP-SDK and setup Generate access token. Facebook PHP SDK - One Access Token, Multiple Apps. At the moment I am working with the Facebook API and I have a small problem (never worked with the API). I am using the latest PHP SDK 4.0 and people log into an application which saves their Access T. And even that is not happening every time. How should I handle the session and access token right with the new PHP SDK?The update can be found at the Facebook PHP-SDK GitHub repo. Using the Facebook PHP SDK Initializing the PHP Facebook SDK Authentication Authorization Checking If A User Is Logged In Getting Access Tokens AccessYou can also typehint function method arguments that take an access token. if (accessToken) echo Successfully logged in!. . facebook facebook-php-sdk facebook-apps facebook-access-token.it does not throw any exception, but it returns null. I am trying to extend a short-lived Facebook User Access Token to be a long-lived Facebook User Access Token. Post to Facebook using the Facebook PHP SDK.The default expire time of Facebook access token is 2 hours, but we can get the extended Access Token up to 60 days. An active access token must be used to query information about the current user. error and asks for login.message > Posting with the PHP SDK! )) You dont need to send accesstoken > facebook->getAccessToken() accessToken SESSION[facebookaccesstoken] else . accessToken helper->getAccessToken()Exchanges a short-lived access token for a long-lived one . Which has shown me how to create an extended access token through php. My questions are: 1.Do I need to store the access token anywhere?I am using the php sdk and have basically used the standard if( user ) Like this: require sdk/src/facebook.php echo Facebook SDK returned an error: . e->getMessage()Now you can redirect to another page and use the access token from SESSION[ facebookaccesstoken] else helper fb->getRedirectLoginHelper() loginUrl helper->getLoginUrl(homebaseurl().index. php?page I am using facebook PHP SDK. After the user allows my application, facebook redirects to may web page. Following is the URL.

I need to fetch the accesstoken Following is the code. CURLOPTUSERAGENT > facebook-php-3.2, List of query parameters that get automatically dropped when rebuilding. the current URL. your access token by other means and just want the SDK. How to use Facebook PHP Access Token with FB Javascript SDK for FB.UI dialog 2015-08-12.I want to check whether the user is logged in or not within the main FragmentActivity but although the user is logged in AccessToken.getCurrentAccessToken() returns null. As the Facebook PHP SDK v4.0 gets closer and closer to the next big release of version 4.1 (probably in August or September of 2014), the internalIn order to extend your short-lived access token with a long-lived access token, youll need to use the new AccessToken entity from the SDK (see below). First of all simple steps get Facebook Access Token we need to simple use a Libs Like as a PHP SDK 5.4 or more to communicate with devloper account to Facebook API. we can download here PHP SDK 5.0 from following click to free link Download Facebook PHP API SDK 5.4 or When making a call SDK internally calls getAccessToken method to get token.Hi guys! Go for oauth2.0 for api, facebook PHP-SDK library now turns to old, also try to avoid using session, its no longer flexible as well no security. Exchanges a short-lived access token for a long-lived one accessToken oAuth2Client->getLongLivedAccessToken( accessToken)I hope this tutorial will help you to get the Facebook Access Token of the user using PHP SDK v5.



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