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Get income tax slab rates and income tax deductions in India for Financial Year (FY) 2015-16 and Assessment Year (AY) Tax Slab for Financial Year 2013-14. What is the deduction slab under section 80dd / Income tax exemption under All Donations should be done within the limits specified under the The tax rates for salaried employees (aged 60 years and above but below 80 years) for FY 2015-16 are as follows. Total Income for the Year in Rs.7. Deduction under Section 80DD Maintenance/medical treatment of disabled dependent. 1. Ordinary disability: Rs 75,000. Click here to know Income Tax Salb Rates FY 2014-15(AY 2015-16) and also see 80C Tax deductions.80DD-Handicapped Dependents. If you having dependent who is differently abled, the there is provision to get deduction for expenses on his maintenance and medical treatment. If you have paid excess taxes, but have invested in LIC, PPF, Mediclaim, incurred towards tuition fees etc you can file your Income Tax Return and get a refund. Click here to see all the investment options to save. Not Enough 80C Deduction in Your Form- 16? How much will be the deduction in section 80dd of Income tax act?And I m salaried person So how can I claim 80 dd ? And which documents provide to my HR department for include in form 16. nand kumar. We would come up with Income Tax Calculator 2015-16 with save option soon.

30,000 (It was Rs.20,000 in the previous year). Section 80DD: Deduction for medical treatment of physically challenged dependents Income tax calculation statement. For the financial year 2014-2015 and the assessment year 2015- 2016. Name : designation : office/college : rajah serfoji govt. Individual Declaration For Income Tax Calculation For the Financial Year 2013-14 -. To be submitted latest by 12.( Please attach prescribed Form showing calculation of Loss/Income from House Property. in Form 12-C ) 19. Repayment of House Building Advance during 2013-14 In section 80DD of the Income-tax Act, with effect from the 1st day of April, 2016, for sub-section (1), the following sub-section shall be substituted, namelyLast Chance to File Income Tax Return for year 2015-16 and 2016-17 31st March 2018. Popular Posts. Income tax calculator in excel AY 2015-16 free download.Professional tax return filing due date in maharashtra fy 2014-15 ay 2015 -16. HRA Self Declaration format if Landlord does not have PAN Card. Income Tax E Filing Process / Procedure Online for ay 2016 17. In previous post we have given Common Mistakes in Income Tax Return (ITR) Form Filing.The process of electronically filing Income tax returns through the internet is known as e-Filing.

Income Tax 2015-16. JAN 20, 2016 2 Comments.To pay Income Tax Online click here. Income Tax Bank Payment Chalan. Please click challan/ITNS 280. you pay before tax please click Advance Tax. The Income Tax Department NEVER asks for your PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts through e-mail.From 16/03/2015 to 31/03/2015. Total. The Tax free income slab for them is now 3 lakh rupees. Earlier it was 2.5 lakh. Super Senior Citizen Did Not Get Any Benefit. The senior citizen of above the age of 80 will not get any extra tax saving in the New income tax slab for f FY 2014-15. We give below the Income Tax Rates and Slabs applicable for the FY 2015- 16 or AY 2016-17.Section 80DD - Maintenance, including medical treatment of a dependent who is a person with disability. Rs. 50,000/ Income taxes, by definition, are collected on income from various sources that an individual may earn during a fiscal year. In India, Income Tax is10 surcharge is levied on domestic companies on income above Rs.10 crores. All the data listed above is for the FY 2014-15 and AY 2015-16. Please clarify on Sec 80DD exemption dependent medical exp upto 75000 less than 80 disablity but two dependent exp claim Rs 150000 or Rs 75000 only - Income Tax. The Government gives tax benefits on certain financial products in order to encourage savings under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Different investments made under such schemes are referred to as 80C investments. Under this section, maximum of Rs l.5 lakh(revised on 2015-2016 financial year) Section 80DD Section 80U deal with income tax deductions for individuals and their family members with disabilities.75,000 from Financial Year 2015-16). Severely Disabled (a person with 80 or more of one or more disability). 7.16 Income-tax. Answer. Mr. Abhik will be eligible to claim deduction under section 80D on payment of health insurance premium to GIC in a medical insurance scheme approved by the Central Government. From Assessment year 2015-16 e filing is mandatory in most of the cases with or without digital signature and there are only few cases where return can be filed on paper form. We have summarized the provisions of new Income tax rules and divided them under three categories. Know the options to save tax deductions under section 80 of Income tax act India.- Modified 16 January 2018. Please note that the quotes shown will be from our partners. Income Tax Deductions. Taxes are an essential constituent in India. 2015/16 R 73,650 R114,800 R128,500. Retirement fund lump sum Withdrawal benefits. Lump sum amount Rates of tax.Country rates published by Government Notice. Companies. Company tax rates. Normal income tax Dividends tax. 2014/15 28 15. In India we have two corresponding sections under the Income Tax Act, 1961 which allows fixed deduction irrespective of expenses to the care taker or to the assessee itself for the disability.Download FINANCE BILL, 2015, PROVISIONS RELATING TO DIRECT TAXES (160KB, PDF). This on-line Income tax calculator can calculate tax for Financial year 2014-15 (Assessment year 2015-16), Financial year 2015-16 (Assessment Year 2016-17), andDeductions for amount paid for Medical Insurance (Sec 80D). Relief on expenses for handicapped dependants under Section 80DD. Tax Deduction Limits. A fixed deduction of Rs. 75, 000 can be claimed if you satisfy the conditions of section 80DD of income tax Act, 1961.mukhtar hussain March 26, 2015 at 12:16 pm. Section 80DD - Income Tax - Bare Act. For section 80DD of the Income-tax Act, the following section shall be substituted with effect from the 1st day of April, 2004, namely Income Tax Calculator for 2015-16 (AY 2016-17) For Resident Individuals HUFs. Calculate Taxable Income and Income Tax liability for Assessment Year 2016-17 (for income earned during Financial Year 01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016). Calculate Income net of Income Tax Liability. Income Tax and Taxable Income Calculator for AY 2016-17 (FY 2015-16).Documents or Proofs required for claiming tax deduction under section 80 dd fy 2014-15 ay 2015-16. Budget 2015: income tax and national insurance.Everyone earning under 100,000 is expected to benefit from the 2015/16 tax rates. Budget 2015-16 Income-tax Deduction Limit u/s 80DD 80U for Person with Disability, Severe Disability Increased to Rs.The existing provisions of section 80DD of the Income tax Act, 1961, inter alia, provide for a deduction to an individual or HUF, who is a resident in India, who has incurred This means the tax slab will remain same for the financial year 2015-16 i.e. assessment year 2106-17 but the surcharge rate of 10 is increased to 12 for the tax payers having income above Rs.1 crore.4. Additional Tax-Savings under Section 80DD, Section 80DDB and Section 80U. Section 80DD of Income Tax Act offers tax deductions on medical expenses of disabled individuals. Check eligibility and deduction limit under this guide by HR Block.Last Update Date : January 16, 2018. Amendments By FA 2015 For May 2016 CA IPCC Sections 80DD 80U 80DDB - Продолжительность: 3:25 Neeraj Arora 3 824 просмотра.Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return - Продолжительность: 10:19 Aqua Regia 16 686 просмотров. 80DD.In the case of a domestic company. Rates of income-tax. (i) where its total turnover or the gross receipt in the previous year 2015-16 does not exceed fifty crore rupees DAINCOME TAX STATEMENT 2015-16 Computation of Salary Income for the Financial Year 2015-16 ( Assessment Year75.000) U/s 80DD c) Expenditure incurred on medical treatment of the employee for specified diseases or ailment like cancer.40. A Mode to save on Income Tax in India Under Section 80DD.As per the revised limit of the financial year 2015-16, the deduction available under this category is up to Rs. 75,000. Severely Disabled (a person with 80 or more disability). INCOME TAX SOFTWARES 2016-17 (AP TS). Income tax software 2015-16 T.S. Income tax software 2015-16 A.P. ALWAYS USE FRESH COPY FROM THIS SITE. Enter particulars in IT data sheet very carefully with one by one column.anyone not related ignore them.dont use once used copy Particulars. Tax Rates 2015-16. i. Publicly traded company.Bangladesh Income Tax Rates 2014-15 and Deductions. Bangladesh Income Tax Rate for Individual Tax Payers. Income Tax Slab for FY 2015-16 [AY 2016-17]. There is no change in income tax slabs except additional 2 increase in cess for super rich (i.e. individuals with income > 1 crore). For Income Tax Purpose Let us understand all the important sections and new proposals with respect to Income Tax Deductions 2015.Understanding your Form 16 other Tax related forms (Form 16A Form 26AS).

FY 2014-15 Income Tax Returns Filing : Tax Slabs New ITR Forms. Deduction for maintenance / medical treatment of dependent (u/s 80DD). Tick if 80DD is claimed.Winnings from Lottery, Crossword Puzzles, etc. 30. Income Tax Payable. TS Income Tax FY 2015 - 16 Full Version 4.1 - Download uploaded as on 13.02.2016.Deductions on Medical Expenditure for a Handicapped Relative. Section 80 DD: Deduction in respect of Rehabilitation of Handicapped Dependent Relative. 80CCC and U/s. 80 CCD, Tax Planning Sec 80D Mediclaim, Tax Savings on Home Loan, Tax Planning through 80CCG RGESS etc.Lets discuss few of the most popular strategies for FY 2015-16 to save taxes. 5 Tax Planning Strategies. Deduction under Income Tax Chapter VI-A. EduPristine www.edupristine.com EduPristine For [Certificate in Accounting and Compliance].Under the PPF scheme, maximum contribution is Rs. 1,50,000 from Assessment Year 2015-16. Contents2. Income tax allowances4. Class 1 National Insurance contribution rates 2015-16 latest income tax software 2017-18,it software 2017-18 for ap telangana employees,kss prasad,vijay kumar,putta,annexure 1,form 16,form 10-i,form 10 ia,rent receipt,da tables,advance tax,savings,deductions,interest on housing loans, income from house property model calculation. : In accordance with Finance Act 2015 , applicable for the Assessment Year 2015 -16, the following Sections as regard to Deductions under Chapter VI-A ,and Rebate of Tax shall be included for the current Academic Year 2015-16 and Board Exam 2016. Section - 80DD, Income-tax Act, 1961-2015. Deduction in respect of maintenance including medical treatment of a dependant who is a person with disability.50,000 p.a. ( increased to Rs. 75,000 from Financial Year 2015-16). Income Tax Calculater Trial Software Income Tax Model Calculation Financial Year 2015-16 (A. Y. 2016-17).



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