margin-left: 4em;





.about-text display: inline font-size: 2em margin-left:6em padding-top: 4.3em font-family: background-color: GainsBoro padding-top: 4em div.flushleft text-align: left .underline text-decoration:underline .underline img border-bottom: 1px solid black margin-bottom:1pt .framebox-clikeparagraphHead margin-top:2em font-weight: bold .subparagraphHead, .likesubparagraphHead font-weight: bold .quote margin-bottom Margin in four directions. 11. right left margin. 12. parent child margin .fieldset border: 1px dotted 61B5CFmargin-top: 1.4empadding: 0.6em 36. A demonstration of the margin property. .box margin: 0 1.5emThus, if only one value is defined, this sets all four margins to the same value. If three values are declared, it is margin: [top] [left-and-right] [bottom] list-style: none .

select2-container--default .select2-selection--multiple .select2-selectionplaceholder color: 999 margin-top: 5px float: left .select2-container--default .

select2-selection--multiple .select2-selectionclear cursor: pointer float: right font-weight: boldpadding-left: 4em Use Left Layout.em font-style: normal A collection of loading spinners animated with CSS Set element margin width. A single value sets all margins, two values set top and bottom, four values set top, right, bottom, and left margins.margin-top: 4em. No. padding. Space between border and content. For basic use, the classes follow the format of [margin / padding][location letter: all, top, right, bottom, left, vertical, horizontal][amount: none, small, medium, large, extra large (0.5em, 1em, 2em, 4em)]. DT margin-bottom: 3em Border-Left-Width Used to specify the width of an elements left border.Margin-Left sets the left margin of an element by specifying a length or a percentage. With two, three, or four values, sides can be specified independently.margin: 10px 20px 30px 40px is the same as margin-top: 10px margin-right: 20px margin-bottom: 30px margin-left: 40px, for example. IMG margin: 1em Thats all it takes. There may be times where you want a different amount of space on each side of an element. Thats simple as well. If we want all H1 elements to have a top margin of 10 pixels, a right margin of 20 pixels, a bottom margin of 15 pixels, and a left margin of 5 pixels border: solid black 1px padding: .5emfloat: left This code is removed if you select Dont use the Story Formats default CSS in StorySettings, or if the words blank stylesheet appear anywhere within a comment in your storys stylesheets, body background-color: 000 color: fff font-family: Verdana,sans-serif font-size: 62.5 margin: 4em 15 The margin property sets the margins of an element by specifying between one and four values, where each value is a length, a percentage, or auto.left margin 4em /. .cbp-hssubmenu > li a display: block text-align: center color: a2a2a2 outline: none padding: 2em 1em 1em 1em .no-touch .cbp-hssubmenu > li a.cbp-hssubmenu > li a span display: block min-height: 3em margin-top: 0. 4em .cbp-hsmenu > li.cbp-hsitem-open .cbp-hssubmenu z-index: 1000 CSS - PX to EM converter.The margin-left property allows you set left margin of an element. It can have a value in length, or auto. Here is an example background-position: left centerdisplay: block margin-left: 1em One common use of the margin properties is to indent a paragraph from the left and right margins to set it apart from the rest of the text.This resulted from input like this, where the text indent was set to -4em CSS Reference CSS Selectors CSS Functions CSS Reference Aural CSS Web Safe Fonts CSS Animatable CSS Units CSS PX-EM Converter CSS Colors CSS Color Values CSS Default Values CSS Browser Support.margin-left. So, here is how it works focal-point - A small set of CSS classnames to help keep images cropped on the focal point for responsive designs. Using only HTML/CSS, web authors can specify an images focal point, which stays as the images primary focus, while the images available width changes on responsive webpages.h2 margin:1.5em 0 .75em font:normal normal 78 Trebuchet MS,Trebuchet,Arial,Verdana,Sans-serif line-height: 1. 4em text-transform:uppercase6em .post img padding:4px border:1px solid cccccc .post blockquote margin:1em 20px .post blockquote p margin:.75em 0 left margin - the lefthand-side border of the"margin-bottom: 0.4em" for the bottom margin. Each page, and each image or formatted table on a page, can have the 4 margins set, separately. If I open my page in IE, then the UL has the correct left margin.border-color:35351D border-width:2 border-style:solid menu a:link background-color:646454 color:8AE62E text-decoration:bold font-size:1.05em margin-left:0px menu a:hover color:E8FAD5 font-size: larger margin-left: inherit left-6 div margin-left: 0 margin-right: -8em / 3x4 Portrait Shape / .focal-point.portrait div margin: - 4em -3em / Portrait down (Total 8em)999 .column float: left overflow: auto padding: 20px width: 50 h1 text-transform: uppercase font: bold 45px/1.5 Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif p background:black color:white font-size:100px font-wheight:bold text-shadow:2px 2px gray, 4px 4px gray padding:0.5em 1em margin:0.5em -0.5em letter-spacing:-25px font-family:courier mix-blend-mode:multiply transform:rotateStack Overflow em Portugus. Blender. Network Engineering. Left margin is set equal to the right margin. width. Floating-point number, followed by an absolute units designator (cm, mm, in, pt, or pc) or a relative units designator (em, ex, or px).The following example uses the margin-left property to change the margin of the object. leheklg on valmimisel. body, textarea, input, select background: 0 background-color:fcfcfc border-radius: 0 font: 1em "Open Sans", sans-serif margin: 0margin-bottom:20px !important a.zonelingid padding: 1px 10px 10px 20px margin-right: 2px margin-top: 0px border-left: 13px If 4 widths are specified - 1st width top margin, 2nd width right margin, 3rd width bottom margin, and 4th width left margin. CSS Example: The margin property is set using a single value. tst1 margin: 3em two changes I have made and thats change .shell property text-align:centre to left and .social-connect-button span property margin-left: .875em to margin-left: 25 Hope you got your answer as centred left aligned text If four values are given, they apply to top, right, bottom, and left margin, respectively. If one value is given, it applies to all sides. If two or three values are given, the missing values are taken from the opposite side.left margin 4em /. CSS: Margin vs Padding. By Xah Lee. Date: 2010-03-15. Last updated: 2017-12-18. Whats the difference between CSSs margin and padding?margin-top: 1em margin-right: 2em margin-bottom: 3em margin-left: 4em Inside it I have placed a smaller div width:19em height:4.22em This inner div contains an image link and text links. The inner div naturally floats to the left of the outer div.Add this to your code to see what I mean : form,p, h1margin:0 DivAline-height: 4em DivA,DivCoverflow:hidden/ contain ul padding-left:1em margin-left:0 There are plenty of similar rules I find Im applying in every style sheet: removing all padding and margin from the body, un-indenting definition lists and blockquotes, removing bottom margins from headings, removing top margins from paragraphs. leheklg on valmimisel. body, textarea, input, select background: 0 background-color:fcfcfc border-radius: 0 font: 1em "Open Sans"margin-bottom:20px !important a.zonelingid padding: 1px 10px 10px 20px margin-right: 2px margin-top: 0px border-left: 13px solid 5f9c0f When one single value is provided, the margin value will apply to all four sides of the element (ie: top, right, bottom, left). Two Values.Fixed value expressed in px, em, div margin: 5px div margin: 4 em 5px div margin: 2px 5px 10px div margin: 4px 5px 2px 3px The margin CSS property sets the margin area on all four sides of an element. It is a shorthand for setting all individual margins at once: margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom, and margin-left. Specifies the left margin of the object.

a, abbr, acronym, address, applet, b, bdo, big, blink, blockQuote, body, button, caption, center, cite, code, dd, del, dfn, dir, div, dl, dt, em, embed, fieldSet, font, form, frameSet, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, hr, html, i, iframe, img, input:button, input:checkbox0.2em padding-right:0.2em background:eef table.standard td, table.wide td, table.prettytable td border: 1px solid aaa padding- left:0.2emLess space between category links, remove when 31547/r100869 deployed / catlinks line-height: 1.25em catlinks li line-height: 1.25em margin Back in september, some guy exposed a very interesting problem on CSS-tricks forums. To sum up, he had a list of elements floated to the left.rows: 4 baseline: 10px width: 4em height: 4em margin: 0.4em C3.9 / padding-bottom: 0.4em font-weight: bold line-height: 0.8em border- left-style: solid border-left-widthpunbb .quote-box cite, .punbb .code-box strong.legend display: block padding-bottom: 0.7em font-size: 1.1em font-weight: bold font-style: normal margin Find out how well you handle specificity in your CSS, and identify troublesome selectors. Negative top and left margins move the element up and left while negative right and bottom margins make following siblings move left and up.margin: -1.4em 0 8.3 Margin properties: margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom, margin-left, and margin.The surface color or image of the padding area is specified via the background property: Example(s): h1 background: white padding: 1em 2em The p could also be p.class if needed where class is the defined class in the p tag. Sometimes you want the opposite where the entire paragraph is indented except the first line. .hanging margin-left: 4em text-indent: -4emdescription margin:0 5px 5px padding:0 0px 0px max-width:700px text-transform:uppercase letter-spacing:.2em line-height: 1. 4em fontsidebar ul list-style:none margin:0 0 0 padding:0 0 0 .sidebar li margin:0 padding-top:0 padding-right:0 padding-bottom:.25em padding-left :0px



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