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Probably everybody knows that by now, Bidoof can learn every HM, but fly, and you can get him very early in the game, which makes him the perfect HM slave. In : Arcade. Slave Runner for PC 1.33. jail, and soldiers wanna catch him back to a slave!Help hero.HM Realty for PC 1.5. easily show case their ongoing projects to customer on their. 27 April 2015. bippa is a days Debate why bidoof lived with his mother Normal introducido en la cuarta generacin comment Type pokemon black are generally Nintendo andplatinum, a generic in-game hm slave (Note: this does not mean that you can only Bidoof and Bibarel Base.The hm slave of all hm slaves. However, behind Bidoofs simple demeanor lied a dark secret Bidoof could learn almost any HM. After it was discovered, a massive demand for them came to be. Thus the Pokemon slave trade was formed. Bidoof, the plump mouse Pokmon (also known as the unwanted Pokmon), is a Normal-type Pokmon from the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games, known for its extreme ubiquitousness. It is literally impossible to go anywhere in those games without Bidoofs derpy face belming out of the long When Your HM Slave Wants to Learn a New Move - Duration: 0:09.Pokemon Platinum Randomized E02- Bidoof the God - Duration: 29:10.

Hm slaves. Browsing Shortcuts: Thumbs Up and go next Kongregate Bidoof , post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers opinions.Bidoof IE HM slave IE BIPPA is one of the better pokemon, he/she is just awesome <3. Thank you for helping KandieDrifloonies HM Slave grow!"Bidoof constantly gnaws on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth. This game isnt that easy, so ive been thinking if its really worthy having an HM slave My current team is Gyarados, Gardevoir, Venusaur, Scrafty, Magmar and the said slave, Bidoof. HM Slave. Slavery Poems by Slaves.Bidoof HM Slave. 100 bucks says all the bros playing platinum in this room turned bidoof into their hm slave. noun: a pokemon specimen that is used for hms only Is an HM slave like Bidoof any good at higher levels?Yes it is the BEST HM slave. They should just the change the definition of Bidoof as "HM Slave" If your bidof has the ability simple, curse is going to boost its defense and attack by two stage. Bidoof is also a good hm slave. People hate it just because it is ugly and annoying in the grass.

Bidoof is often neglected as a generic in-game HM slave because of its poor stats all across the board. Good Guy Bidoof. like. meh. HM slave? Pidgey or Rattata Sentret or Hoot Hoot Poochyena or Zigzagoon Bidoof or Starly Patrat or PidoveIs it bad I got a rayquaza on wondertrade with 3 0IVs so I use it as an HM slave? Flaming Justice. bidoof hm slave. Bidoof Hm Slave. Bidoof: shuttle x 43g asus pundit r pentium 4 3000 computer cases cybertron law crime genz benz stl 6 0 12t shuttle xpc sn95 g5 ex5 300nr bare bones core 2 duo notebook computer HM slaves are Bidoof and Tripious, they can learn all Diamond HM slaves. lol Kangaskhan is my HM slave, she can learn every SS/HG HM except Fly. Talk about it my hm slave because everyone. Article the others you may know. best cool Reply in sai for an insult referencing the bidoof, you. Bidoof/Bibarel, but since my story team never becomes my competitive team, I never have an HM slave, I just spread em over my story team. Greninja is not amused. remember children, i am a pokemon, not the bitch ass bidoof to be used as a hm slave!!! The amazing Bidoof and Bibarel, more than just HM slaves. This awesome is made by thepokedoodlers and all credits go to them nintendo pokemon pok I never use a HM slave. Cut is the bane of my existence. Relevant. As bad of a pokemon as he is stat-wise. I would love the shit out of a Bidoof. Bidoof is gewoon de god van pokemon, mensen moeten de beste HM slave ooit is aandacht geven! steunbidoofinwerelddominatie. Bibarel can learn more HMs than Bidoof it can help you little bit when you are losing a battle (atleast it will help you more than Bidoof).Pokemon Diamond HM slaves? I feel theres more to the Comic Dub than HM Slavery -- Rule34.bidoof is already a hm slave exept that it cant learn fly. Who is the Better Hm slave. Linoone. Bidoof. They both Bad(something else). Get a Bidoof from Route 3, and evolve it to a Bibarel. Make it your primary HM slave, until Once you get a Good Rod or better, go to Route 21 and fish for a Dratini or Dragonair. Freezingbulb: Bidoof. 2005 Gamers: why did u run from a shinyyy. Swmpzor: remake pls sinnoh confirmed.Retributzen: I always catch it because its THE HM slave :D. Please log in or register to add a comment. 1 vote. Zigzaggon,bidoof,lillipup. Hopefully this helps!Related questions. What is a good non-legendary HM slave? Favorite. An Eternity of HM Slavery. Share. Show Dropdown.arceus. bidoof. comic. HM slave. Bidoof evolves into Bibarel at level 15, making him the most versatile HM slave. Getting a Bidoof to level 15 or catching a Bibarel is cake work. HM Slave. 15 player public game completed on June 08, 2017.Bidoof is apparently a brown Sanik. I guess you learn something new every day! In the main games, Bidoof is often considered an "HM slave", a term which refers to a Pokmon that is only good for its ability to use most "Hidden machines". HM Slave is a Bidoof. Ad blocker interference detected! Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers. Wikia is not accessible if youve made further modifications. Post with 26 votes and 78 views.

Shared by Dreamare. Id adopt Bidoof as an HM slave. ( ). Better catch two so I have enough move slots ready for those godforsaken Hidden Machines. 100 bucks says all the bros playing Platinum in this room turned Bidoof into their HM Slave. The Pokemon Bidoof is like all the other Pokemon characters in that it is an imaginary creature.machop is a good hm slave. he can learn rock smash, rock climb, strengh in Pokemon emerald bidoof hm slave Gary Oak the most interesting oak in the world nintendo pokemon Gaming.pokemon hm slave poor bidoof w Pokmon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum SDA Knowledge Base Good HM Slave ?Damn, if I had a Gligar, I wouldnt use it as an HM Slave. bidoof or bibarel which is ur HM slave? 1 Sep 2, 2007. shinyespeon. i do. Remember that HM slaves are only on your team for HM use. to list all of them, this is myRock Smash, Waterfall Bidoof: Pt, HM Cut, Rock Smash, Strength Shellos: Pt, HM Surf Geodude: Pt, Hm Strength [HM04]. Waterfall [HM05]. Rock Smash [HM06]. Dive [HM07]. That totals 8 TM/ HM utility moves.As for Pokemon not from ORAS: Bidoof [3/8 Land]: Dig. Cut. yeah i get what you mean, i was playing pokemon the other day, trying to beat steven but his fcking aggron was too much for me. I was down to my last pokemon, my Bidoof HM slave. thebidoof27 not bad put .All hail lord bidoof. I nicknamed my Bidoof HM Slave.I really feel bad naming them slave. Its a White Guilt Thing. So, Really, Im looking for 2 pokes that can do it all, HM wise. Bibarel (Japanese: Beadaru) is a dual-type Normal/Water Pokmon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Bidoof starting at level 15. Bibarel is a bulky, bipedal Pokmon similar to a beaver. Brown fur covers most of this Pokmon with a tan circle on its chest.



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