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The first line ServerSignature Off makes Apache2 web server hide Apache version info on any error pages. However, without the second line ServerTokens Prod, Apache server will still include a detailed server token in HTTP response headers, which reveals Apache version number. ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod.3. Keep updating Apache Regularly. Apache developer community is continuously working on security issues and releasing its updated version with new security options. It works identically to the Include directive, with the exception that if wildcards do not match any file or directory, the IncludeOptional directive will be silently ignored instead of causing an error.ServerSignature Off. Existing modules designed for the Apache 1.3 API will not work in Apache 2.0 without modication. Details are provided in the developer documentation (p. 620) .ServerSignature Off server cong, virtual host, directory, .htaccess All Core core. Extensive changes were made to the server API in Apache 2.0. Existing modules designed for the Apache 1.3 API will not work in Apache 2.

0 without modication.ServerSignature Off server cong, virtual host, directory, .htaccess All Core core. I have turn off serversignature. After restart, the apache version with the modules are still listed.I guess it had been disabled since phpinfo doesnt show it WebHostDog, i tried that. It is not showing apache version. I think it is working fine. ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod Then restart web server to activate the change: sudo service apache2 restart (DebianAccording to Microsofts blog post, in addition to the discontinuation of push notifications, live tiles will no longer be updated and the find my phone feature will not work. Server defaults ServerSignature Off. Default file types AddType application/x-shockwave-flash .swf AddType image/x-icon .ico AddType video/x-flv .

flv. NOTE: Due to a bug in modsetenvif up to Apache 2.0.48 the above regex wont work. Apache serverSignature I am using xampp with Apache/2.4.2. I am trying to hide serverSignature. That is what i am writing in my httpd.conf file. serverSignature Off serverTokens Major I have tried serverSignature and serverTokens one by one and also tried them together. Applies: apache 1.3.x / apache 2.0.x Required apache module: (included in core) Scope: global server configuration Type: security Description ServerTokens ProductOnly ServerSignature Off. 1. ServerSignature : This Apache directive is responsible to generate a trailing footer line along with the server version number and ServerName for server generated pages, ie error pages, not found (404) pages etc.ServerSignature Off. ServerSignature Off. To hide server information like Apache and PHP versionsNote: The above is required, because libphp7.so included with php-apache does not work with modmpmevent, but will only work modmpmprefork instead. From apache2.conf: Clipped ServerRoot "/etc/apache2" ServerName "localhost" ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod.Its not working as it should. Why could be the reason? [EDIT]: Modified conf.d/security and commented the overridden settings there. nano /etc/apache2/conf.d/security. Optionally add a line containing the server version and virtual host name to server-generated pages (internal error documents, FTP directory listings, modstatus and modinfo output etc but not CGI generatedServerSignature Off ServerSignature On. I have ServerSignature off in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, but the "Server:" header still appears.So I know that "modheaders" is installed and enabled, and working, but not as I desire. I see that something called "modsecurity" claims to do this, but I dont want all the rest of the baggage that how to fix vertrigo apache http server does not work correctly on port 80. waqas ahmed. 2,668 views. This part works fine, however Im also running modfcgid which appends "modfcgid/2.3.5" to the header. Is there any way I can turn this off? Setting ServerSignature off doesnt do anything. It works identically to the Include directive, but it will be silently ignored (instead of causing an error) if wildcards are used and they do not match any file or directory or if a file path does not exist on the file system.ServerSignature Off. serverSignature Off serverTokens Major.i downloaded apache 2.2.21 serverSignature worked on it the way i wanted it to. But i dont know why it is not working for xampp ali ahmad Jan 15 13 at 15:05. Type: list(on,off,email) Default: "on" ServiceReload: apache2 . Configures the footer on server-generated documents This correlates to the ServerSignature directive. I did so by uncommenting ServerSignature Off (and commenting ServerSignature On). However, after reloading/restarting apache2, this doesnt work. I checked apache2.conf, the instruction Include conf.d/ is here. Apache ServerSignature. Open your httpd.conf (or apache2.conf in Ubuntu) file using text editor such as vi: vi httpd.conf. Append/modify config directive as follows: ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod. This article lists some sensible configuration defaults for Apache 2.4 on a Ubuntu 16.04 server. It explains how to apply these globally at the server level. ServerTokens Prod Set ServerSignature Off Hiding and modifying Apache server information. Fortunately, such data can easily hide and modify by changing the ServerSignature and ServerTokens directives.ServerSignature Off. to. ServerSignature Off ServerTokens ProductOnly.I thought something specific changed in Debian Squeeze - Apache/2.2.16 so this two variables are probably not working so I did a quick research online seing other people complaining also unable to disable Apache ver and Linux distro version and ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod.Server: Apache. To hide the PHP version from remote HTTP requests, edit your php.ini file (often found in /etc/php.ini), and change the line that reads exposephp On to Off Virtual hosts in apache2-2.2.0-21 dont work correctly. Instead, any request to the server defaults to one vhost regardless of the hostname used to call it.Needed for name-based vhosts. UseCanonicalName Off. ServerSignature On . How to turn off server signature of the website. I tried the following code in .htaccess file but it doesnt work. ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod. I cant find apache2.conf/httpd.conf files my hosting is GoDaddy please tell me how to turn it off. Turning your server signature OFF is considered a good security practice to avoid disclosure of what software versions you are running. source.Lets change configuration in direcotry /etc/apache2/conf.d/security. ServerSignature Off. In about line 39 search for ServerSignature and change it to: SecServerSignature RayanFarmadHTTPServer.exposephp Off. I am running Gitlab 9 on a virtual host in Apache2.4.VirtualHost :443> ServerName gitlab.-.nl ServerAlias www.gitlab.-.nl DocumentRoot /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/public ServerSignature Off. ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod. The ServerSignature appears on the bottom of pages generated by apache such as 404 pages, directory listings, etc.It is working peachy and I feel a bit safer. This is designed for Middleware Administrator, Application Support, System Analyst, or anyone working or eager to learn Hardening Security guidelines.ServerTokens Prod ServerSignature Off. Restart apache. (3) Check working.ServerSignature.

Off. rootwww: vi /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir.conf. line 3: add file name that it can access only with directorys name. It works identically to the Include directive, with the exception that if wildcards do not match any file or directory, the IncludeOptional directive will be silently ignored instead of causing an error.ServerSignature Off. "ServerTokens" and "ServerSignature" were previously found in apache2.conf not anymore.closed as off-topic by sshow, David Cain, Christopher Creutzig, KayakDave, timrau Dec 12 13 at 18:04. This question appears to be off-topic. How to turn off the server signature of apache2 in Ubuntu using webmin so as not to show the apache2 version and Linux installation and version in case of ServerTokens ProductOnly ServerSignature Off. After using the above directives the HTTP headers will look similar to thisIf you make a mistake in the httpd.conf file, your site wont work. There are other devs on my team that still have apache 2.4.20 and their boxes are working exactly as expected. Security ServerTokens OS ServerSignature On TraceEnable On. ServerName "my-local" ServerRoot "/etc/ apache2" PidFile APACHEPIDFILE Timeout 120 KeepAlive Off ServerSignature turns the signature off, but you still need to include the ServerTokens. It will still display the server signature if you dont include it.Linux Mint Mono develop is not working after install. Open Apaches configuration file (httpd.conf or apache2.conf) and search for ServerSignature.To accomplish this, open PHPs configuration file (php.ini), search for exposephp and set it Off. Obvious, after making these changes, we have to reload Apache. ServerSignature Off ServerTokens ProductOnly Versions of packages apache2 depends on: ii apache2-mpm-prefork 2.0.50-5 Traditional model for Apache2 I am trying to set up my tornado web application to run behind Apache2.Navigating to domain.com works, but if I try to navigate to www.domain.com, I get Error code: ERRNAMERESOLUTIONFAILED. Im in the middle of apache2 hardening for a project Im working on. Ive set the ServerSignature to Off and the ServerToken to Prod, but I still get the Server Info Listed on 404 and 403 pages. restarted apache multiple times. ServerSignature Off. This will remove the last line of the error-message, where the Apache OS-version are shown -- thus increase your security.Currently working on DNS Spy Oh Dear!. Follow me on Twitter as mattiasgeniar. ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod. The first line ServerSignature Off instructs Apache not to display a trailing footer line under server-generated documents (error messages, modproxy ftp directory listings, modinfo output, and etc) which displays server version number, ServerName of the Heres how to turn it off if youre using a Apache 2.2 web server (Ubuntu 14.04). Open Apaches config file ( apache2.conf or httpd.conf) and look for ServerSignature. When found, change it to Remove Apache version signature. nano /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/security.conf. On ServerTokens uncomment the line with ServerTokens Prod or add it. Uncomment the ServerSignature Off entry or add it. Remove PHP version from headers. Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site. About Us Learn more about Stack Overflow the company.I have run the command sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and I am trying to set the ServerTokens Full to ServerTokens Prod and ServerSignature On to ServerSignature Off, but First off try removing the ServerName lines from your file. If you really do need it due to hosting several sites try insteadCustomLog /var/log/apache2/access.log combined ServerSignature On.Steve: Everything seems to be working ok but when apache2 restarts it asks for the pass phrase.



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