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Donald Trump appears to have deleted a tweet he quoted that made questionable comments about Jeb Bush and his wife.The Donalds Social Storm: A Day in the Life of Trumps Blistering Twitter Account. By Jordan Chariton | July 2, 2015 4:00 PM. Watch Donald Trump call out Jeb Bush for being weak by refusing to apologize to Jebs wife on national televisionby The Majority Report with Sam Seder 1 year ago. Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush HEATED Exchang But even The Donald knows he went too far this time. On Saturday, Trump took aim at Jeb Bush, his rival for the Republican nomination — or, more specifically, Bushs wife. In a move uniquely crass and crude even for Trump, he reposted a Twitter users remarks speculating that the former Florida Log in to Twitter. Remember me Forgot password? Dont have an account? Sign up ».attacking-jeb-bush-over-his-mexican-wife-86e73f2176dd GoAngelo great example of how Trump has money but zero class. 1 reply 0 retweets 2 likes. Despite being fired from several jobs and having his "brand" harmed, Donald Trump is not only not backing down from his Mexican immigrant comments Donald Trump deleted this tweet attacking Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife: pic. the weekend, Bush criticized Trumps comments about Latinos, including the real estate moguls statement that immigrants from Mexico are "rapists." Follow on Twitter.Donald Trump retweeted an offensive comment about Jeb Bushs wife, Columba, who came to this country legally from Mexico. (Twitter via The Wrap). It turns out that Donald Trump is more than just a racist, narcissistic blowhard with terrible hair.The only person beating him is Jeb Bush, probably because his legal immigrant wife is so charming. Donald Trumps fondness for retweeting criticism of his opponents and praise from his followers appears to have landed the business mogul in hot water once again. On Friday, Trumps Twitter account re-tweeted a manipulated image of Jeb Bush standing outside Trump towers. Jeb Bush, a Republican candidate for President, has spoken out against Donald Trump and his remarks about Mexico and immigrants.Trump is wrong on this.

Bushs wife was born in MexicoWritten by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected]. Donald Trump deleted a post on Twitter about fellow presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

On Saturday, Trump quoted another Twitter users tweet that said Jeb Bush has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife. Jeb Bushs wife is from Mexico. twitter.U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (Reuters/Brian Frank) / Reuters. Thom discusses the latest from Athens, Greece with Boom Bust producer Edward Harrison and Economist Mark Weisbrot and normalizing relations with Cuba with CODEPINKs Medea Benjamin. — Donald J. Trump (realDonaldTrump) July 6, 2015. (Photo credits: Donald Trump via Facebook, Twitter).Let me tell you, Mr. Dump, at least Jeb Bushs wife is the wife of his youth, both having met young in Mexico when he was an exchange student. WASHINGTON An influential force wants Donald Trump to knock off his attacks on fellow GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush: his wife, Melania.Share this: Facebook. Twitter. Google. Donald Trump had quoted a tweet about Jeb Bush, saying that the presidential candidate has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife.NEW YORK, July 7 (UPI) — Donald Trump deleted a tweet quoting another Twitter users remark about Jeb Bushs wife. FACEBOOK. TWITTER.The CNN-hosted event, moderated by Jake Tapper with Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash, saw Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, John Kasich and Chris Christie go head-to-head in the second You can find her on Twitter at SamanthaChang.Heres how that ended - February 27, 2018. Post navigation. Jeb Bush slams Republicans for standing behind Trump amid Russia scandal. Donald Trump retweeted an offensive comment about Jeb Bushs wife, Columba, who came to this country legally from Mexico. "RobHeilbron: realDonaldTrump JebBush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife.

" Jeb Bush (R) said Wednesday that President Barack Obama is to blame for Donald Trumps dominance ofFor his part, Trump has continued to hammer back at Bush on the campaign trail and on Twitter.Milan Ross: Vegan chef shoots dead estranged wife and two children on Christmas Day. Donald Trump retweeted via a quote tweet the tweet highlighted below. It was live for 24ish hours, then Trump deleted it. The original tweet appears to attack Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife. Donald Trump retweeted an offensive comment about Jeb Bushs wife, Columba, who came to this country legally from Mexico. "RobHeilbron: realDonaldTrump JebBush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife." Republican frontrunner Donald Trump turned to Twitter Friday night to target a handful ofTrump, who has become known for his online tirades, first took aim at his favorite target: 2016 rival Jeb Bush.Worth A Look. Canadian Pharma Billionaire And His Wife Were Murdered. The weeks following Donald Trumps presidential candidacy announcement have been quite controversial for the real estate mogul-turned-politician.The reality TV star decided to tweet against Jeb Bush after Bush denounced Trumps comments. HUDSON, N.H. -- A voter at a Veterans of Foreign Wars hall here asked Jeb Bush Wednesday night to weigh in on recent remarks by Donald Trump about Mexican immigrants -- and the comments the business magnate tweeted about the former governors wife. Donald Trump calls out fellow Republican Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife!Watch now: Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Engange in Twitter Feud. Donald Trump deleted this tweet attacking Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife: pic. Trump, proving you dont have to be poor to be White Trash. Donald Trump apparently never heard the adage, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Last week, he dealt with a number of business setbacksAt least, that is what I gleaned from his decision to delete a retweet from his official Twitter account regarding the wife of fellow candidate Jeb Bush. Donald Trump just cant seem to learn his lesson.But Trump seems to be having a tough time containing himself, tweeting Monday that Jeb Bush likes "Mexican illegals because of his wife."began to say they felt sick, the building was evacuated, the Marines Corps announced on Twitter. Showing that he sometimes is made aware that he has gone too far, 2016 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump deleted an offensive tweet aimed at rival Jeb Bushs wife who was born in Mexico. On July 4th, Trump retweeted a Twitter comment reading: RobHeilbron Twitter.Donald Trump retweeted an offensive comment about Jeb Bushs wife, Columba, who came to this nation legally from Mexico. Story highlights. Donald Trump has beat up more on Jeb Bush than any other GOP candidate.targeting Fortune 500 companies, his critics in the media, candidates in both parties and even his trolls on Twitter.Photos: Donald Trump in the public eye. Trump and his wife, Ivana, arrive at a social Donald Trump deleted this tweet attacking Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife: pic. this retweet, Bush had already publicly stated that he has taken Trumps incendiary comments on Mexican immigrants personally. Jeb doesnt see cant solve the problems. — Donald J. Trump (realDonaldTrump) July 5, 2015. Bush and his wife, Columba, met as teenagers in Leon, Mexico, while Bush was on a high-school student exchange program. 60. Donald Trump further exposed his racism Sunday with a now-deleted attack on Jeb Bushs wife, which may or my not help Trump, butSome outlets are reporting this as a "retweet," but its actually a quote of this tweet, a Twitter action that requires a little more effort than simply retweeting someone. — Donald J. Trump (realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2016. Trump has also attacked Jeb Bushs wife. This isnt the first time wives have come up in the Republican presidential campaign.Donald Trump deleted this tweet attacking Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife: pic. Donald Trump deleted this tweet attacking Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife: pic. Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Columba Bush. Who is jeb bush s wife donald trump won t apologize to, gop front-runner and business mogul donald trump is known for flinging insults at his rivals but one attack in particular made months ago on twitter prompted. Kristian Ramos, Director of Communications and Outreach for Media Matters Hispanic Media Project joins Rick to discuss media coverage around The Donalds (Trump) comments about immigrants being rapists and drug dealers. GOP front-runner and business mogul Donald Trump is known for flinging insults at his rivals. But one attack in particular, made months ago on Twitter, prompted former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to demand an apology during Wednesdays CNN debate. " Donald Trump apparently went too far — even for himself — on Twitter. Trump, already under fire for comments hes made about Mexican immigrants, quoted and later deleted a tweet by a Dutch right-winger, Rob Heilbron Trump goes on late-night Twitter tirade against Megyn Kelly, Jeb Bush.Donald Trump marked the return of Megyn Kelly on Monday night with a series of tweets andin reference to Bushs border visit earlier Monday in which he spoke in Spanish about his Mexican-American wife, Columba, and children. Home >> Celebrity Feuds, Politik, Donald Trump, Twitter, Controversy >> Donald Trump Makes His Political Feud Personal By Tweeting Deleting A Jab At Jeb Bushs Wife!7/06/2015 10:01 AM ET | Filed under: Celebrity Feuds Politik Donald Trump Twitter Controversy. facebook. linkedin. twitter.Jeb Bush (R) demanded an apology from real-estate magnate Donald Trump for what he called a "completely inappropriate" comment about Bushs wife, who is Mexican-American. 3) LIED about and smeared the president, his wife, children, and staff repeatedly.Jeb Bush emerged from his lonely hole of sadness today to criticize President Donald Trumps Twitter roast of MSNBCs Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush | Presidential Debate Highlights - Duration: 6:36. Gabbee 1,805,340 views.Bush: Trump should apologize to my wife - Duration: 1:41. CNN 205,174 views. Twitter.[Jeb Bush] has to like the Mexican illegals because of wife.Kristy Campbell, a spokesperson for the Bush campaign, told IJ: Its not surprising Donald Trump deleted his offensive tweet. Evidently undeterred by the growing number of companies dropping their endorsements, US presidential candidate Donald Trump celebrated July 4th by tweeting an attack on the wife of fellow candidate Jeb Bush. Donald Trump tweeted that fellow 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush likes Mexican illegals because of his wife, the latest in a flurry of public commentsThe comment was posted on Trumps official Twitter account for 24 hours before it was deleted, according to screenshots captured by The Wrap. Donald Trump deleted this tweet attacking Jeb Bush over his Mexican wife: pic. appeared to be live on Twitter for a full day before it was deleted, according to Hollywood news site TheWrap. In the wake of the inane comments, Trumps fellow 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb shot back with a response to The Donald, with Bush stating thatAccording to The Wrap, Trumps incendiary tweet about Jebs wife Columbia — who is of Mexican descent — was live on Donalds Twitter account for



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